PLM's Green Initiative

Every company has the responsibility to practice good environmental stewardship in making continuous efforts in reducing their own environmental footprint, and PLM is no exception! Not only do we help other businesses with their recycling efforts, but we “practice what we preach” in our own and in our supplier/partners plants. Very little that we do ends up in waste containers! We 100% recycle all corrugated, shrink wrap, wood, and scrap metal, etc., including nails, waste oil, rubber tires, office paper and more. Read more...

Pallet Solutions

Our high-quality pallets are key in delivering your business! And we strive to anticipate your needs by maintaining hundreds of thousands of pallets in inventory. From recycled, new, and remanufactured pallets to odd sized and custom size, we will have your pallets to you on time, every time! Click on the links below to learn more about the products and options we have available.