Pallet Management Solutions

Your facility or ours! Whatever your choice, we will provide a custom-tailored program that will take your company out of the pallet business and allow you to focus on your core business. PLM understands the needs of distribution centers in the supply chain.

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We will provide a managed labor solution at your facility that will include: sortation of all pallets (white, odd sizes, and rental) either manually or by automated machinery. Precise sorting by trained professionals provides a higher quality pallet for the DC’s usage. PLM’s associates are hired according to our customer’s procedures, policies, and guidelines, and they will participate with the DC’s formal training and/or safety program, reporting of pallet activity based on the DC’s requirements, and provide 24/7 staffing based on DC’s needs. In many cases we can also offer the transportation services you need to get your pallets and rental pallets back to where they need to be. We will offer a solution that is completely tailored to your needs.

We can provide the same services as we offer with our On-Site option—the only difference is we will do it at our location. We will drop trailers at your facility. Using our national network of over 100 qualified service partners, we will pull your loaded trailer and drop an empty one within 24 hours or less of your phone call or email to our national call-in center.



Do you have a dedicated pallet that specifically fits your manufacturing system and was made especially for you? We can recover, repair, and re-distribute that pallet back to your manufacturing plant. Our tracking system automatically interfaces with your shipping data and allows us to recover that pallet from your customer. In addition, utilizing PLM as your “single-source” pallet management company will allow for greater control over pallet repair quality, higher percentage of recovery, and more trips per pallet through the supply chain, which all add up to an INCREASED bottom line for you, our valued customer.

Pallet Tracking Services