Recycled Waste Management

Environmental stewardship starts with you. Reducing your environmental footprint can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Pallets, corrugate, plastic, metal, and shrink wrap – we offer extensive programs that manage all of your Recyclable Waste Streams. We will identify cost-avoidance opportunities and leverage your waste stream’s revenue-generating potential through standardizing and centralizing the management of these streams. Whether you have national, regional, or local needs, let us help you with a single-source solution customized specifically for you.

The Recycled Waste Stream Audit Process

  • The first step in the process is to perform an audit of our customer’s facility to understand what they are currently doing with their recyclable waste. This normally starts with a questionnaire that is sent out to all of the customer’s facilities.
  • If the customer is not currently doing anything with their recyclable waste but is looking to make a change, we typically will start with an on-site visit to get a general understanding as to what volumes they may have of each type of recyclable waste.
  • Then, based on the data we receive or our observation during our visit, we will formulate a plan on how we can improve the handling of our customer’s recyclable waste, showing the opportunities for generating or increasing your revenue and reducing your overall waste cost.
  • We then put together a presentation to present these opportunities to our customer. Depending upon the feedback we receive from our customer, we will then go back and fine tune the project to better fit their needs and goals.

Implementation and Rollout Phase

After the audit phase we then move to the implementation phase. Depending on the size of the project, the account manager will usually be directly involved in the day-to-day rollout of all the customer’s facilities. This can take weeks or months. Once the rollout is complete the day-to-day transactions will be assigned to a customer service representative at our headquarters. The account representative will then continue to look for ways to increase the opportunities for our customer.

balerEquipment Leasing

Depending on our customer's needs we can lease them equipment, such as balers, in a manner that will meet their financial goals. These leases can be combined with or without options to purchase at the end of the lease. We can design a program for you, with no money down, that lets you start saving right away.

Baled or Loose Corrugate and/or Plastic Purchase

Having difficulty finding a reliable vendor? Let PLM help!
Whether you have a few bales, a truckload, or loose product, we offer competitive prices that come with reliable service. Contact us and give PLM the opportunity to be your partner!

NOTE: For less than truckload volume PLM is only offering services in the St. Louis, Missouri area. So, if you are in St. Louis and have just a few bales a week, give us a call and let us show you how we can help.

recyclable material - corrugated cardboard, shrink wrap