Pallets For Sale? We buy used pallets!

Are you having trouble getting paid from your pallet vendor, or are you getting an empty trailer when you need it to load your excess pallets on? Whether you have 20 truckloads per week or one truckload a year, we will pay you top dollar for all your commodity or used pallets. Problem Solved!

At PLM, we have built our success on financially sound, ethical and service-minded principals. Call us for some “long-term” references and find out for yourself!

We track every load of pallets by:

  • Customer
  • Trailer
  • Customer bill of lading
  • Pick-up date
  • Number of pallets on the load per bill of lading vs. the actual number counted at PLM
  • A complete breakdown of each grade of pallet on the load

We can supply that information to our customers in any format they request.

UPC on palletWorried about the security of your pallets?

You won't have to when dealing with PLM! We offer trailer seals so that each return load of pallets is sealed by your management group, along with GPS tracking of our trucks in several locations to and from your location.

Go to our Pallet Management section for a closer look at the customized services we can offer our customers.

Pallets being loaded onto truck