Our National Supplier Network

PLM is no stranger to what it takes to manage a state-of-the-art facility. At our headquarters in St. Louis we operate one of the most technically advanced pallet recycling facilities in the Midwest. From using “in-plant” data collection technology to ensure our customers quality and count accuracy and to manage our inventory, to the GPS system in our trucks to ensure on-time delivery and security of your recycled waste stream products, we are always looking to employ leading-edge technology to benefit our customers.

Because we know what it takes to manage our own facility, we are experts in choosing capable suppliers to be in our network. Our facilities are managed by owners who care about their customers, their reputation, and their business!

Our supplier partner network is hand picked!  Our partners are the most reputable, ethical, efficient, and professional enterprises in every city we service.  While other national pallet and recycled waste stream management companies tout their “company-owned” facilities, we challenge any of our customers to visit them and then come to visit our facilities. You will see the difference!

Environmental Stewardship!

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Can have a positive impact on your bottom line!

For all current and future customers that are purchasing or selling pallets to us, you now have an opportunity to load your baled or loose recycled stream commodities onto our trailer and begin saving and generating additional revenue. No need to tie up multiple doors or incur the cost of moving multiple trailers around your yard.

PLM is your one stop shop for all your Recycled Waste Stream needs!

Give us or your sales representative a call today.  PLM, a more convenient and cost effective way to reduce your environmental footprint.

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